How Do I Make A Silent Ringtone For One Contact?

Can you turn ringer on for one person?

Just download the free app from the Android Market, install it and open it up.

From there, all of your contacts should be automatically deselected.

You just have to go through and select the people you DO want to hear from, then turn your Android device to silent ringer.

A similar app is VIP Alert..

Where is the silent ringtone on iPhone?

In iOS, you can change the ringer by opening up the Settings app and scrolling down to the “Sounds” entry. On the “Sounds” page, scroll down and select the “Ringtone” entry.

Can you set Do Not Disturb for one contact?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, then it’s Settings > Sounds and vibration > Do not disturb > Allow exceptions > Custom. You can choose Reminders, Events, approved contacts, messages or calls from specific contacts, or repeat callers who call twice within 15 minutes.

How do you change the ringtone on a group chat?

Choose the Group which you want to change the ringtone and tap on the Group Name at screen top to open the Group Information screen, there you’ll find Custom Notifications button; 3. At Custom Notifications screen tap on “Message Sound”, then select the ringtone of your choice for the group.

How do I set ringtones for only one contact?

AndroidGo to the People app (also may be labelled Contacts) and select a contact.In contact details, hit the Menu button (three vertical dots in the top-right corner) and choose Edit (this step may be unnecessary on your phone)Scroll down until you see Ringtone. Tap it and select a tone to play when they call.

How do you make someone’s ringtone silent?

Here’s how:Open the Contacts app.Tap a contact.Tap Edit at the top of the screen.Tap Edit on the ″Ringtone Sound″ option.Scroll down to the Ringtones section and tap the silent ringtone.Tap Done at the top-right corner of the screen.

How do I set a song as my ringtone?

Drag the music file (MP3) you’d like to use as a ringtone into the “Ringtones” folder. On your phone, touch Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone. Your song will now be listed as an option. Select the song you want and set it as your ringtone.

Is there a silent ringtone?

There is no silence ringtone provided by the system. Although it is possible to select none for the message tone options. … I then converted it to M4A with iTunes and renamed the file to M4R (for iOS ringtone). Back in iTunes I synched the tone to my iPhone and voila!

How do I turn my phone on if its on silent?

AndroidGo to the ‘Phone’ app.Go to the ‘Contacts’ section.Select the contact(s) that you want to allow to ring even when your phone is on silent.Tap the ‘Star’ in the top right hand corner.

Can you set ringtones for contacts on iPhone?

Go to the Contacts app (which may be hidden in an automatically created folder) and select on a person’s name. In their contact details, press Edit in the top right corner. Scroll down until you see Ringtone and Vibration. … Below this, you can repeat the process for messages, by select Text Tone and Vibration.

How do I silence one contact on my Iphone?

Here’s how to do it:Open Messages app and tap on the conversation thread that you want to set Do Not Disturb for.Tap on the blue circle with an “i” on the upper right.Move the slider for Hide Alerts to the right to enable Do Not Disturb feature for this contact.Tap Done.

Can you set a ringtone for unknown numbers?

Answer: A: You can set up each one of your contacts with a ringtone and use the default for all other unknown numbers. There is no way to set up a ringtone for unknown numbers.

How do you know if someone put you on Do Not Disturb?

When you call someone who does not have Do Not Disturb mode active, you will hear a beep and then leave the voicemail. The person you are calling will not have a mobile ring or will be disturbed by a notification which makes sound or illumines the screen.

How do you silence a text?

If you long press on a target conversation, however, a mute notification button in will appear on the lower-left corner on the bottom of the screen. From there, simply select the chats that you want to mute, then hit the mute “Notification” button.