Question: Can You Make One Contact Ring On Silent?

Can you turn your ringer on for one person?

Just download the free app from the Android Market, install it and open it up.

From there, all of your contacts should be automatically deselected.

You just have to go through and select the people you DO want to hear from, then turn your Android device to silent ringer.

A similar app is VIP Alert..

Can you make someones iphone ring when it’s on silent?

If you’re using Do Not Disturb mode, you don’t need to have your phone on silent. I would recommend that overnight you use Do Not Disturb and set it to allow calls only from the emergency number, and then make sure that your phone is set to ring. … If the same # calls you twice within 3 minutes, your phone will ring.

Do favorites ring on silent?

Ring/Silent (iPhone only): Use to mute sounds and alerts on your iPhone. … When in silent mode, the alarms you set in the Clock app will still sound, and calls from Favorite contacts will still ring.

Why does my iPhone still ring on silent?

The Ring/Silent switch is on the left side of your iPhone. You can use it to control which sounds play through your iPhone speaker. When your iPhone is set to ring, ringtones, alerts, and sounds play through your iPhone speakers. … To put your iPhone in Silent mode, move the switch so that orange is showing.

How do I make my phone ring for certain contacts?

AndroidGo to the ‘Phone’ app.Go to the ‘Contacts’ section.Select the contact(s) that you want to allow to ring even when your phone is on silent.Tap the ‘Star’ in the top right hand corner.

How do I make my iPhone ring for certain contacts?

Step 1: On you iPhone go to Settings and open the Notifications menu. One there, tap on Do Not Disturb. Step 2: Tap on Allow Calls From and on the next screen tap on the group you just created that has all your important contacts you want to get alerts from when they call you.

How do you know someone’s phone is on silent?

For example, if the phone is on silent, this will be displayed along with a red dot. Along with this slick feature, you can also view ‘Last Seen’.

Can I make a contact ring even on silent?

Even if the device is set to “vibrate” “silent” “do not disturb” or “low volume.” On Pixel 3, there is only the option to make it so that if your phone is on “do not disturb” your Favorite contacts calling will still make the phone ring. Useful for if you’re going to sleep maybe, or in a meeting.