Question: Does National Grid Ask For Social Security Number?

Why would a police officer ask for your social security number?

All you are required to give an officer is a valid state ID or Drivers Licence if you are driving.

If they want your SS they are digging to find out-of state charges on you in all likelihood..

Does a lawyer need your Social Security number?

A Social Security number is only used for verifying your identity and making sure you are up-to-date on any court-ordered child and family support payments. … Applicants are not required to have a U.S. Social Security number to be admitted to practice law in California.

Do you need SSN to settle lawsuit?

If your SSN is required for the settlement, we will only ask you for the last 4 digits of your SSN or Tax ID number for verification. If you fail to provide this information, it could in some cases lead to delay or rejection of your claim or withholding of funds from your distribution for tax purposes.

How long does national grid take?

6-8 weeksThe standard lead-time frame is 6-8 weeks, pending construction needs. What else does National Grid require other than the inspection prior to service being energized? If required, the right-of-way has to be cleared, and any charges paid.

Why is my electric bill so high national grid?

Many homeowners have high electricity bills because of the appliances that are plugged into their outlets, even if they aren’t using them frequently. … While appliances on standby don’t use as much electricity as when they’re in use, it can still add up, and it contributes to an overall higher electricity bill.

Can a bank ask for my Social Security number?

Since 1970, the federal government has required banks to obtain customers’ Social Security numbers. Financial institutions use your SSN to check your credit, to report your interest and investment income or losses to the IRS, to report your tax-deductible mortgage interest to the IRS, and to manage your account.

How do I find my national grid access code?

There are a few options to locate your access code. Please try one of the following: Check under the “Important Messages” section towards the bottom of your paper bill. If your bill runs to the second page, also check under the “Additional Messages” section on the second page.

Should you give your SSN over the phone?

What is your social security number (SSN). … Harris says you should never give your social security number over the phone, especially on a call you’ve received, where you have no idea who is really on the other end of the line. In fact, the IRS will never contact you over the phone asking for your social security number.

Do I need SSN for health insurance?

People who apply for health coverage need to provide an SSN if they have one. An application filer must also provide the SSN of any tax filer who isn’t applying for health coverage if the tax filer’s tax information will be used to verify the household’s eligibility for help with paying for health coverage.

Why does National Grid need my Social Security number?

We use your account number and last four digits of your SSN (or your company’s TIN) to protect your account information. … This helps insure that your account information including your payment information is kept confidential.

Is it normal for a utility company to ask for your social security number?

Like other creditors, utility companies ask for information like your Social Security number so they can check your credit history — particularly your utility payment history. A good credit history makes it easier for you to get services. A poor credit history can make it more difficult.

Why does lawyer need Social Security number?

There is no need for it unless there is some claim of identity theft or something. There should be some compelling reason for the other side to need a social security number and they should have to prove that reason to a court. Too much information is available once a social security number is given out.

How do I create a national grid account?

You can activate your National Grid account online or over the phone. When you call National Grid, you will need to provide the following information to start service: Your name and full contact information (phone number, and email address, if you have one) Your Social Security Number, or your passport number.

Should you give anyone your Social Security number?

The Social Security Administration protects your Social Security number and keeps your records confidential. We don’t give your number to anyone, except when authorized by law. You should be careful about sharing your number, even when you’re asked for it.

Can a utility company deny you service?

Yes. In general, a utility provider may refuse to initiate service if the requesting customer cannot comply with the requirements outlined in the utility’s tariffs or rules. Utility tariffs and rules are authorized by the CPUC. … Utilities may terminate service without notice in certain limited situations.

Is it safe to give your Social Security number online?

Ask why it’s necessary and how it will be used. “There is no reason to give out your Social Security number unless there is a legitimate business purpose, and most instances it is requested there is not a legitimate need,” says Denis Kelly, president of, an identity theft prevention company.

Who do you have to give your Social Security number to?

Can I refuse to give my Social Security number to a business or doctor? Yes, you can refuse unless you’re legally required to provide your Social Security number (SSN). However, there’s also no law preventing businesses from asking for it or refusing you service if you don’t provide it.