Question: What Are The Etisalat Packages?

How do I cancel my Etisalat postpaid plan?

How can I subscribe or unsubscribe to the Data Plus packs?Via My Etisalat UAE app.Texting the codes below to 1010.Dialling *170# or *101#Dialling 125.Calling Customer Care at 101.Visiting any etisalat Business Centre or outlet..

How can I change my Etisalat plan?

Yes, you can change to any Freedom plan of your choice. You can visit your nearest etisalat outlet or call the contact center at 101 for information on the required documents.

How can I change my Etisalat package?

To use this feature, just dial 268 before the number you need to call. To subscribe to this plan, simply dial 200 and press 2 on a new sim card. For existing users on other plans, dial *244*1# to migrate.

How do I know my Etisalat plan?

How can I check my usage?Via My Etisalat UAE app.Log on to check package details, text “NP” to 1012.To check balance allowances, Text NP Balance to 1012. Dial 101# Dial *140# Dial 170# (for data only)

How can I get unlimited data on Etisalat?

How can I activate the data packs and plans?Via My Etisalat UAE app.Logging on to the relevant code to 1010 (Note: AED 0.30/SMS, 5% VAT excluded)Dialling *170# and following the instructions.Calling 101.

How do I subscribe for Etisalat data plan?

How to buy data on EtisalatFor a plan that gives you 2 GB of data from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and on the weekends for a month, use the code *229*3*12#. … For a similar plan that gives you 5 GB under the same circumstances, use the code *229*3*13#. … If you need 1 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*7#.More items…•