Question: What Is The Area Code For Amman Jordan?

What is the postal code of California?

California – postal codesPlaceCode2Los Angeles9000233.95/-118.2463Los Angeles9000333.965/-118.273135 more rows.

Are is country code for?

United Arab EmiratesARE is the three-letter country abbreviation for United Arab Emirates.

What area code is 964 in USA?

The Iraq country code 964 will allow you to call Iraq from another country. Iraq telephone code 964 is dialed after the IDD. Iraq international dialing 964 is followed by an area code. The Iraq area code table below shows the various city codes for Iraq.

What is zip code of Jordan?

دليل الاردن11180Intercontinental Jordan, Jabal Amman11874Iraq al Amir11192Jabal Al Hussein Al Gharbi11140Jabal Al Naser11161Jabal Al Natheef240 more rows

How many digits does a Jordan mobile number have?

8Mobile numbers in Jordan were standardised to an 8-digit format, +962 7 xxxxxxxx, as of 31 December 2004.

What is the language of Jordan?

ArabicModern Standard ArabicJordan/Official languages

What is Jordan phone number?

+962Jordan/Dialing codes

Which country code is 963?

Telephone numbers in SyriaLocationCountry calling code+963International call prefix00Trunk prefix05 more rows

What state is Amman Jordan in?

AmmanAmman عَمّانCountryJordanGovernorateAmman GovernorateFounded7250 BCMunicipality190922 more rows

What country code is Jordan?

+962Jordan/Dialing codes

Where is the area code 962 from?

Telephone numbers in JordanLocationTypeclosedAccess codesCountry calling code+962International call prefix003 more rows