Question: What’S A Word For Doing Nothing?

How do you say something amazing?

astonishingamazing.astounding.bewildering.breathtaking.extraordinary.impressive.marvelous.miraculous.More items….

What means idle?

adjective, i·dler, i·dlest. not working or active; unemployed; doing nothing: idle workers. not spent or filled with activity: idle hours. not in use or operation; not kept busy: idle machinery. habitually doing nothing or avoiding work; lazy.

What does it mean to deserve something?

deserve, merit, and earn mean to be worthy of something. deserve is used when a person should rightly receive something good or bad because of his or her actions or character. A hard worker deserves to be rewarded. merit is used when someone or something is especially worthy of reward, punishment, or consideration.

What are synonyms for deserve?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deserve, like: have the right to, be deserving, be unworthy, warrant, fail, gain, merit, be given one’s due, be entitled to, lay claim to and have-it-coming.

What is the word for not wanting to do anything?

unwilling. adjective. if you are unwilling to do something, you do not want to do it or you refuse to do it.

What does apathetic mean?

having or showing little or no emotion: apathetic behavior. not interested or concerned; indifferent or unresponsive: an apathetic audience.

What’s the opposite of desire?

desire(n) Antonyms: loathing, hate, repugnance, disgust, aversion, abomination, horror. Synonyms: longing, affection, propension, craving, concupiscence, appetency.

What does Waisting mean?

waisting (plural waistings) That which goes at the waist (of a person, as on a garment, or of an object). The decorative material used as waisting also served as a girdle for her midlife expansion.

What do you call someone who thinks they deserve everything?

egocentric: This is more like someone who is concerned with getting only what he wants, without regard for anyone else. poise: If she is confident she deserves everything she wants, then she could be said to have a certain poise (there are several words that could work here: stately, reclined, unconcerned).

How do you say someone deserves something?

Synonymsdeserve. verb. if you deserve something, it is right that you get it, for example because of the way you have behaved.deserve. verb. … deserving. adjective. … deserved. adjective. … well-earned. adjective. … undeserved. adjective. … rate. verb. … due. adjective.More items…

What is a word for doing nothing?

someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming. goldbrick, good-for-naught, good-for-nothing, goof-off, ne’er-do-well, no-account. an idle worthless person. lazybones. a lazy person.

Do nothing means?

do-noth·ing. a person without ambition or initiative; idler. showing no ambition or initiative; complacent. MLA Style.

What does reluctantly mean?

: feeling or showing aversion, hesitation, or unwillingness reluctant to get involved also : having or assuming a specified role unwillingly a reluctant hero.

What is another way to say nothing?

Zip, Zilch, Nada! 16 Ways To Say “Nothing”zilch. This word emerged in the 1960s in the US. … zip. Zip is often seen paired with zilch or used as an alternative. … nada. Does this one sound like a foreign language? … no big deal. … diddly-squat. … bupkis. … bugger-all. … sweet Fanny Adams.More items…•

What do you call a person who has nothing to do?

synonyms: layabout, idler, shirker, malingerer, sluggard, laggard; informal lazybones, bum, goof-off; indolent, lazy, idle, slothful, loafing, do-nothing, sluggardly, shiftless, lackadaisical, languid, inactive, underactive, inert, sluggish, lethargic, torpid; slack, good-for-nothing, feckless – Kris May 23 ’14 at 8:24.

How do you say I am not good?

You could say one of the following: I am ill….But if you need some substitution then these are some.I’m not feeling good.I am feeling low.I am feeling unwell.Am i looking good? It’s feeling something else.I think i am not fit today.It’s not feeling good today.I am not well,need some help/rest/time/space.