Question: What’S Wrong With Mina?

Why is Mina depressed?

Fans of South Korean girl group Twice will not be able to cheer on member Mina when they perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday (July 13).

But Twice’s agency has earned kudos for saying it will go after those who speculate that Mina is depressed because she is pregnant..

What is wrong with twice Mina?

TWICE star Mina has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder after pulling out of the girl group’s world tour. The 22-year-old was confirmed to be struggling with ‘sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity towards performing on stage’ back in June.

What happened to Mina and Jihyo?

Mina has been on a hiatus from promotions since this past July. Mina participated in the album but she will not be participating in the album promotions, including the showcase. They also revealed that Jihyo had suffered a minor neck injury during rehearsals and was taken to the hospital for a checkup.

Why is Mina gone?

Mina, a Japanese member of K-pop girl band Twice, has dropped out of the act’s ongoing world tour due to extreme anxiety, according to her agency. “Mina is suddenly feeling extremely nervous and anxious about performing on stage,” JYP Entertainment agency said.

Why is Mina not in feel special?

Previously, it was revealed that Mina has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and that her participation in activities may be selective. On September 23, the agency announced, “Mina participated in the album production, but she will be absent from the showcase and promotions for their 8th mini album.

Is Mina okay?

JYP Entertainment Shares that TWICE’s Mina is Now Healthy and Stable. … According to JYPE’s representative, Mina’s condition has stabilized a lot and the company as well as the rest of TWICE’s members will continue to look after Mina’s health.

Is Mina sick?

“Mina is currently struggling with sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing on stage. No exact diagnosis has been identified yet. We are consulting with several medical professionals to verify the cause in detail,” the company wrote in a statement.

Is Mina depressed?

The Oct 14 death of South Korean singer Sulli, which has been linked to depression, also put the spotlight on Mina. The singer in popular girl group Twice recently took a break from promotional activities after her agency said the 22-year-old is suffering from anxiety attacks.

Is Mina introvert?

Mina (TWICE) Mina’s fans all agree that she is an introvert, based on how shy and reserved she is. … Thankfully, Mina has extroverted members who accept her for who she is and help her to be more outgoing.

Will Mina come back?

Welcome back, Mina! After 6 months of recovery from severe anxiety and insecurity performing on stage, TWICE’s Mina has made a full return to concerts for the first time! Back in July 2019, JYP Entertainment announced that Mina would be taking a break from TWICE activities due to severe anxiety.

What is wrong with Mina twice?

Mina, the Japanese member of girl group Twice, has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, her agency confirmed.

Why did Mina take a break from twice?

Mina, a member of K-Pop group Twice, will not take part in their next world tour because of mental health concerns. A statement from the girl band’s team said: “Mina is currently struggling with sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing on stage.”

Is Mina returning to twice?

MINA RETURNS TO TWICE AFTER FACING MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS Fans are very excited, as it has recently been announced that Mina will return to her official activities with TWICE in mid-February, the idol will officially reappear with her group and the band’s alignment will be as originally known, OT9 .