Quick Answer: Can I Change From Postpaid To Prepaid U Mobile?

How long does it take to port a mobile number?

There are a few things that have to happen to move your number from one carrier to another (this is called a port), and the elapsed time may vary depending on how quickly your current provider processes the port.

On average, ports take 7-10 days to complete; however, they can take up to 4 weeks in rare cases..

Which postpaid SIM is best?

Reliance Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone: Best postpaid plans under Rs 500Jio has Rs 199 postpaid plan with 25GB internet data.Vodafone has two postpaid plans Rs 399 and Rs 499.Airtel has only one postpaid plan under 500 costing Rs 499.

What is mobile porting?

Unauthorised Mobile Porting – porting is a legitimate service that allows customers to transfer a mobile number from one telecommunication provider (telco) to another without changing or losing the original number.

Why postpaid is costly?

Lack of Control on Expenses – Postpaid don’t allow you to keep tight control on the expenses, you get the bill after a month, though can track the bill from operator App and other means but at times you can incur charges which can lead to additional bills.

Can we change from postpaid to prepaid?

Yes, you can change your Airtel Postpaid Number to Prepaid by visiting your nearest airtel store. According to TRAI’s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), conversion from post-paid to pre-paid and vice-versa is free and you do not have to change your mobile number for the same.

How can I port to U Mobile?

Fill in the form below.Choose whether you’d like to receive a new U Mobile SIM pack or use a NEW U Mobile Prepaid SIM Card to port-in.Request and enter the TAC number. Then, click on SUBMIT.Check your email for port-in order number. Noted: You shall receive an email within 24 hours upon receiving the SIM Card.

How long does it take to convert from postpaid to prepaid?

about 2-3 daysActivation of the new Prepaid Sim takes about 2-3 days while the existing Postpaid connection will be discarded within that time.

Can I port my prepaid number to another carrier?

You can port your cell phone number, landline number or fax number. Prepaid account numbers can be ported, but must be active at the time you wish to transfer the service. You cannot port a number to an existing line – porting only works when you are activating a new line with a carrier.

Is U Mobile under Celcom?

In November 2012, U Mobile activated RAN Sharing with Maxis and transitioned its 2G network provider from Celcom to Maxis. On 31 August 2013, U Mobile announced that En.

Which is best postpaid plan?

Reliance Jio’s Rs 199 postpaid plan offers 25GB data per month along with unlimited local, STD and roaming calls. Reliance Jio offers its users additional 20GB data if they finish their quota of data before the end of the month. The Rs 199 post-paid plan also offers SMS benefits and easy international roaming facility.

How can I cancel my U Mobile postpaid plan?

Can I unsubscribe from Daily & Weekly Data Plans? Yes, you will be able to unsubscribe from these plans with exception of MB2 and MB-Day. To unsubscribe, dial *118*2*4#. Your plan will be removed immediately upon confirmation.

How can I change my Umobile postpaid to prepaid?

Please visit U Mobile Service Centre or Premier Dealer outlet if you wish to change to lower Postpaid plans or Prepaid plan….Dial *118*7# to go to My Account.Select 7 Change Rate Plan.Select the plan you would like to change to.Confirm your rate plan change and restart phone after receive SMS confirmation.

Is postpaid or prepaid better?

The short answer: On a prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. On a postpaid plan, you receive a bill at the end of the month based on your usage. … Postpaid plans, meanwhile, often come with better value for money and the option to get a mobile handset included in the monthly bill.

How do I switch from Verizon prepaid to postpaid?

Call Verizon’s telesales department at 1-800-256-4646. Tell the Verizon customer service representative that you want to switch from Verizon’s prepaid service to Verizon’s monthly postpaid service. The customer service representative will evaluate your qualifications for postpaid service.