Quick Answer: Can We Use Any SIM In JioFi?

Can we use Jio Sim in Vodafone dongle?

The simple answer is No.

You can use the SIM card on any devices such as dongles, irrespective of the brand.

Check out the sliders below on how to use Reliance Jio SIM card on any dongle!.

Can we use Airtel SIM in Jio dongle?

The simple is Yes. You can use the Jio 4G SIM in an Airtel dongle.

Which Jio Fi is best?

JioFi JMR 540 router enables users to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (Smartphone, Laptops, Tablets and even Smart TVs). JioFi allows to connect up to 32 devices. Powerful Battery: … The best thing about JioFi JMR 540 Router is, you can carry it anywhere you go.

Can I exchange my Jio phone?

The JioPhone Rs 501 offer can be availed at offline retail stores on exchanging any old 2G/3G/4G (non-VOLTE) phone. The old phone must be in a working condition and the charger should also be there. It needs to be handed over to retailer in exchange of the new JioPhone.

Does JioFi works better than Jio SIM?

JioFi router uses Jio SIM and share the same network. But, the JioFi router is more optimized to data services than a normal Jio sim inserted in a smartphone. So, in practical sense JioFi is faster.

Which JioFi is best 2020?

10 Best Reliance Jio Wifi Device- Sep 2020, IndiaRankScore1st9.0 SCORECheck Price2nd8.9 SCORECheck Price3rd8.8 SCORECheck Price4th8.7 SCORECheck Price6 more rows

How do I activate my SIM card on my Jio phone?

How to activate Reliance Jio 4G SIM: Steps to followThe user is expected to get a confirmation message from Jio asking for the Tele-verification.In order to activate both the Voice and Data services, the user has to dial 1977 from the Jio number.More items…•

What is the cost of Jio dongle?

Compare with similar itemsThis item JioFi 4G Hotspot M2S 150 Mbps Jio 4G Portable Wi-Fi Data Device (Black)JioFi JDR740 (Dongle) 150Mbps Wireless 4G Portable RouterAdd to CartCustomer Rating4.0 out of 5 stars (18195)3.7 out of 5 stars (101)PriceFrom ₹ 2,495.00₹ 2,099.00Shipping—Fulfilled5 more rows

What is the monthly cost of JioFi?

JioFi WiFi Router: Price, Plans, Features, Specifications & MoreJioFi 4 Device Recharge Plans – 1.5GBPlan NameDataPlan ValidityRs 1292GB28 DaysRs 129924Gb336 DaysJioFi 4 Long Term Recharge Plans28 more rows•May 15, 2020

Which JioFi is fastest?

New JioFi 4G LTE Hotspot variant with 150Mbps download speed launched at Rs 999. Dubbed as JioFi JMR815, this device has a claimed download speed of 150Mbps and upload speed of 50Mbps. As compared to the earlier launched JioFi, this new hotspot has a new design and an improved battery backup.

Can we unlock Jio phone?

And also JioPhone can be unlocked only when the company provides the unlock code. As of now there is no plan for the company to provide unlock code. And also, JioPhone also works only in 4g only, so it doesn’t support 2g/3g, they made this as 4g only to make some cost cutting with the processor manufacturer..

Can I use Airtel 4g in JioFi?

Airtel’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot requires an Airtel SIM card and needs to be recharged periodically to avail 4G data. In case a 4G network is not available, the device automatically switches to 3G. It can connect up to 10 devices at a time and has a battery life of about 6 hours.

Is JioFi Sim different?

No, you cannot use jiofi sim card in another device but you can use a normal sim card (which you bought for your non-lyf mobile) in any other 4G mobile or dongle. I am personally using jio sim in Airtel 4G dongle.

Can we use other SIM in JioPhone?

The IE report said that Reliance Jio has confirmed no other SIM can be used in the JioPhone. So, if you a SIM from Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, etc, you cannot use them on this device. So if you buy the JioPhone as your primary device, then you’ll have to use Jio SIM as your primary number.