Quick Answer: How Far Back Can I See My EBay Purchase History?

Why has my eBay purchase history disappeared?

Re: The purchase history for that item has disappeared It means that buyers have to file disputes via Paypal for items that have been removed, as they cannot do it via eBay as the item no longer exists in the purchase history.

The Paypal transaction still exists so buyers are still fully protected for 180 days..

How can I see my Paypal activity older than 3 years?

Go to “activity” top of your paypal page > on the right of the page under “simple / detailed” click on statements > activity export > then on the left of that page under history click on advanced > then in the drop down box under “find a transaction” you can search by email / name / date etc etc etc OR you can click on …

How does Apple show up on bank statement?

Your bank statement will show only a purchase from the iTunes Store with no specific purchase details. … Any purchase, in app or normal, will just show it as being from the iTunes Store, just as a purchase from Target or any other store just shows the store name and amount on your card statement.

How can I see my Apple pay history?

How to check your Apple Pay transaction historyOpen the Watch app for iPhone. … Tap on the card you’d like to see transactions for, then tap Transactions.Make sure Transaction History is turned on. … Note that the amounts you see may be initial authorization amounts, which may differ from the final transaction amount.

How far back does Apple purchase history go?

Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in. Scroll to Purchase History and tap it. If you want to see purchases that you made more than 90 days prior, tap Last 90 Days, then select a date range.

How can I see my purchase history?

You can always see your order history on Google Play or pay.google.com….Review your order historyOn your mobile device, open the Google Play Store app .Tap Menu. Account.Tap Purchase history.

Why is Apple taking money from my account?

Check if a family member made a purchase Ask family members if they signed up for a subscription or bought something from the App Store or iTunes Store. Or check the purchase history of each Apple ID that uses your payment method. … Anyone who has your Apple ID password can make charges to your account.

Can Apple pay be traced?

The company does not track, log, or watch what you’re buying with Apple Pay, or where you’re using it. Nobody can trace the transaction information back to you.

Does Apple pay track purchases?

Does Apple track my Apple Pay purchases? No, Tim Cook said Apple is not interested in collecting user data like some other mobile payment companies. Apple will not store your purchases or credit card information on its servers and merchants will not be able to see your credit card numbers.

How far back can you see eBay purchases?

Go to My eBay Orders Choose Recent to view your most recent purchases, or select Archived to see your archived purchases stretching back as far as three years. Note that you will only be able to see purchases made within that last three years.

How can I see my eBay purchase history older than 3 years?

Answers (1) eBay’s purchase history goes back three calendar years. To view transactions older than that, you need to go to your PayPal account. Their history goes back to day one, but is limited in the information provided.

How can I see what I bought on eBay?

Follow these steps to find your order details:Select Purchase History – opens in new window or tab.Find your item in the list.Select View order details.

Why is Apple charging me .99 a month?

$. 99 cents is normally an iCloud Storage charge. … You can manage it in Manage your iCloud storage – Apple Support and see if you are in fact paying for iCloud.

Does deleting an app cancel the subscription?

Cancel a subscription on the Google Play app Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription. Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.

How do I cancel app subscriptions?

Cancel a subscription on the Google Play appOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store .Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.Tap Menu. Subscriptions.Select the subscription you want to cancel.Tap Cancel subscription.Follow the instructions.

How do I stop Apple from charging my credit card?

Cancel iTunes subscription: method 2Open iTunes and select Store > Sign In.Enter your Apple ID info.Click Store > View My Account.Scroll down and find Settings section.You will see Subscriptions option, click Manage.Click on the subscription that you want to cancel.Select the Off button to turn off Auto-Renewal.

How can I see my Apple Pay purchases?

If you want to see a recent transaction, open Wallet on your iPhone and tap Apple Card, then scroll down to Latest transactions and tap a recent transaction. You see the amount charged to your Apple Card, the status of the transaction, the date the transaction was made, and the Daily Cash you’re eligible to receive.

How can I see my past purchases on Amazon?

View your order history Go ahead and check your full order history. To take a look, log onto the Amazon website (not the app), hover over the Accounts & Lists section, and click Your Orders. The next screen will show you everything you’ve ever purchased from Amazon, in reverse chronological order.

Does Google pay track your purchases?

Google Pay allows Android users to complete and track purchases using their phone. It also allows peer-to-peer payments between family and friends and the ability to store boarding passes and movie tickets.