Quick Answer: What Is The Earth’S Frequency Today?

How do I vibrate at a higher level?

8 ways to raise your vibration.Become conscious of your thoughts.

Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality.

Find something beautiful and appreciate it.

Be conscious of the foods you eat.

Drink water.


Be grateful.

Practice acts of kindness.

Get your blood pumping..

Why is resonance dangerous?

It may cause violent swaying motions and even catastrophic failure in improperly constructed structures including bridges, buildings and airplanes. This is a phenomenon known as resonance disaster. Avoiding resonance disasters is a major concern in every building, tower and bridge construction project.

What emotion has the highest frequency?

For example, Enlightenment has the highest frequency of 700+ and the greatest expansion of energy. The vibrational frequency of joy is 540 and is expansive. The vibrational frequency of anger is 150 and falls to contraction.

Is the Schumann Resonance high today?

Today, on 7th of December 2019, ia reported measured highest peak of Schuman frekvency on 64 Hz. Dependencies-amplitude-Schumann-resonance-12-6-2019. … We were used to the Earth pulse – Schumann frequency of value 7,83 Hz. Schuman frequency recently reached peak at 158 Hz.

What frequency do humans vibrate at?

The important parts of the human body vibration frequency are generally located in about 3 Hz–17 Hz. According to the International Standard ISO 2631 in the vertical vibration of the human body, the sensitive range is located in 6 Hz–8 Hz.

How does the Schumann resonance affect humans?

According to some hypotheses, it may be responsible for the rise in infarcts and other cardiac problems that have been occurring since the 1990s. It is also said that the increase in Schumann resonances can ‘tune’ our brains and make them more efficient and open.

What frequency is God on?

39.17 MHzGOD’S FREQUENCY IS 39.17 MHz: THE INVESTIGATION OF PETER POPOFF. For centuries, religious people have claimed that they have engaged in direct communications with God.

Does Schumann resonance affect your blood pressure?

Participants who showed a significantly lower daily mean BP value on days with enhanced Schumann resonance signals (SR = <0.697 pT). Participants who showed no significant difference in the daily mean BP value between normal and enhanced Schumann resonance days. Systolic blood pressure. Diastolic blood pressure.

What causes resonance?

This is known as resonance – when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion. … Resonance only occurs when the first object is vibrating at the natural frequency of the second object.

What is the best frequency for the human body?

Bruce Tainio, a famous researcher and developer of Tainio Technology, found that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz, and when your frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when the disease starts1. Bacteria, viruses, and disease each have their own, low frequency that influences your energy field2.

Why is 528 Hz the miracle tone?

“528Hz (‘the DNA-Repair Frequency’) is the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart and divine voice in harmony with heaven… The Love frequency is the “Miracle” note of the original Solfeggio musical scale. … That’s why 528 Hz is also known as DNA repair frequency…”